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I think everyone desires the same: Feeling mutual love and that unexplainable cozy feeling in your tummy when that happens. I'll admit that I have no experience with dating elsewhere, but I guess dating here in Iceland is probably similar to dating elsewhere: You see a girl you fancy and the question is how to approach her without making a total fool out of yourself, which can be a problem in a small country like Iceland.

You may have seen this person online but that is about the extent of your knowledge of what they look like. Ahh it is all so confusing, where is the rule book for these things. Date one: I had been in Iceland for about two weeks when I began my Icelandic classes and I was looking forward to making friends in class.

I can’t tell you how many times during our practice I heard, you have to speak English to her she doesn’t understand Icelandic.

Okay we all get it thanks for announcing this fact every two minutes.

I knew my future bff wasn’t on this team though when someone was trying to get my attention in Icelandic (they must of missed the I only speak English announcements) and when I didn’t respond they decided to throw a ball at me.

Yes, that happened and I have not played volleyball since.

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