I want to chat with a dom

Although it may seem through outward appearances that all the power in the relationship flows from the Dom or Master to the sub or slave, this is somewhat misleading.

The players in a D/s relationship, no matter which side they are on, are equals to a certain degree. The Dom may have ultimate authority, but the sub is the one who initiates most actions.

Likewise, when not done or done incorrectly, the sub expects to be corrected and shown the right way to act.

Being submissive does not mean that the sub is a doormat for the Dom.

The sub is the Dom's companion, his student, and his lover.

This can be done with a tattoo, a piercing, or even a physical collar.

The Master/slave relationship tends to be more of a lifetime commitment to each other than a typical Dom/sub relationship.

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The slave is a higher gradient of submissiveness in D/s.

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