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In my more than 65 years I have never been so insulted.

I have an excellent credit store and has there NEVER been even suggested of me committing a crime.

Answer 1: The phone number for H-E-B Grocery Stores is (210) 938-8357. Tagged as: h-e-b grocery address, h-e-b grocery corporate address, h-e-b grocery corporate office headquarters, h-e-b grocery headquarters, h-e-b grocery home office, h-e-b grocery main office, h-e-b grocery office address, h-e-b grocery office email, h-e-b grocery office fax, h-e-b grocery office phone, h-e-b grocery office phone number, h.e. It is so sad that the manager here did not investigate this and Brad has been labeled a thief AND that will probably follow this 23 year old and the other boy.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of H-E-B Grocery Stores? My husband always got the new managers as they came in to take over the store to join Rotary and this new manager did but has not made one meeting.

However, I am appalled at the prominent role Dya Campos, HEB governmental and public affairs director, has played in the undermining of the San Antonio Symphony, to the point where the remainder of their season has been cancelled.

This action is horrible for so many musicians (many of whom are, or were, your customers), and weakens the entire fabric of music education in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Oh, I could trade it for another but not get a refund.Because I do not look for the worst in people nor do I accuse people of crimes for absolutely no reason and with no evidence.I will NEVER shop at HEB again, and I WILL get the message out.I inquired sometime in December, days after I inquired I got a phone call and was told that one would be ordered. I received a follow-up call from Crystal this past weekend that they got the Carolinas Cart in!I loaded my daughter up and we went shopping today, I am beyond appreciative as this has made my life so much easier.

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