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‘ It started there and then I wanted to do something with a procedural element.The criminal defense lawyers and students committing the murder felt like the perfect little concept in order to launch the show.’ The reason is – at least my takeaway from it is – that at the very beginning of the film, it says this is a true story. TV development chief Susan Rovner] to talk about what to do next.You include a detail like this because it’s so odd it has to be true, do you know what I mean? I’ve been talking to Geoff Johns at DC for a few years about wanting to do something in the DC canon.And once you make that connection, it opened up a whole world of storytelling that we realized hadn’t really been looked at before, which is the world before Batman – the world of Gotham, young Bruce Wayne, and young James Gordon and the origin stories of the villains.” When asked how he deals with all the past interpretations of Batman, Heller said, “My take on it is it’s a bit like Greek mythology. They all contradict themselves to a degree, but that’s the beauty of it — telling stories about characters that are larger than any one story.So that makes it much easier.” Discuss the Gotham TV Pilot Script and Willimon was nominated for an Oscar for co-writing the adaptation.In this interview with the Hollywood Reporter, we learn that Willimon received a call from David Fincher, Josh Donen, and Eric Roth, asking if he had any interest in adapting the two-decade-old BBC version of According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Willimon binge-watched the series, took the meeting, and soon found himself dedicating almost a year of his life to writing the pilot, then nine more months pounding out the remaining 12 episodes of the first season.” Netflix outbid HBO and AMC in a ground-breaking deal believed to be worth more than 0 million.Discuss the House of Cards TV Pilot Script “I’m always coming up with ideas — maybe it’s because I’m unoriginal — where it’s a normal person caught in an extreme circumstance.

At 25, a friend introduced me to “Surfing Finnegans Wake,” in which a nasally man lectures for three hours, ostensibly off-the-cuff, on the psychedelic, boundary-dissolving experience of reading James Joyce.

At the upfronts, Bob Greenblatt of NBC said ] and their world in general is beyond the mystery and philosophy.

I went into FX, and I said, ‘Alright, here; I’m pitching you this idea for the show but now I wanna talk about Mike Yanagita.’ He calls Marge from high school, and they meet, and he tells her a sob story about this girl from high school he married who died of leukemia, and he’s just so lonely.

“The first time I ever pitched a TV show, I went in and talked to my agent at the time about the show.

I said, ‘It’s going to be so great because in the end it’s going to be…’ and told him what was going to happen. First, don’t ever pitch an ending on TV.'” came about, Bokenkamp said, “I was kicking around ideas with John Fox, a friend who’s also a producer on the show. Whitey Bulger (Boston organized-crime kingpin) was in the news then.

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