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This app demonstrates exactly why Apple is so awesomely rich.

Leafsnap Moving from the universal to the specific, Leafsnap is much more specialised app, but it’s such a wonderful realisation of the teaching power of tablet computing that it’s been included at number two in the list.

You can see, in the obligatory 3D, all the different structures of our most complex organ, and get comprehensive but easy-to-comprehend information explaining what they do.

Fight the temptation to lick the screen and pretend to be a zombie.

TEDThe TED talks (Technology Entertainment and Design) are a must-watch series of in-depth talks given by experts in all sorts of fields imaginable.

Mere mortals like ourselves are far from able to afford the thousands of dollars required to attend the talks in person, but they’ve been available to view for free since 2006 – amassing more than 500m views. There is plenty of material, anything from tech giants on futurology and social networking to medical researchers discussing cutting-edge surgery techniques.

Merck PSE HDYou wouldn’t know it from the name, but this is the best free periodic table app around.

It’s perhaps a little more drab than some of the flashier, paid-for periodic table apps on the market, but it’s hardly a meagre package in itself.

Not everyone wants to pay for their apps, so we’re having a look at our favourite free ones currently available.Any lecturer at any university could upload her course notes for you to read, if she wanted.Or she could upload them for the benefit of her class alone. Schoolteachers can do just the same, harnessing the capacity of the i Pad to force their lesson plans down their pupils’ throats in all sorts of innovative multimedia ways.Exoplanet This wouldn’t have been possible even a few years ago, because we didn’t know of enough exoplanets – planets, that is, that exist outside of our solar system.These days, people are finding them all the time, like wads of change behind a galaxy-sized sofa.

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Your best bet is to download your favourite videos, pack some headphones, and while away the hours on a long journey by filling yourself with arcane knowledge.

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