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His were big shoes to fill for a person following in his footsteps," Rev Weeder, Smith successor at the cathedral said.

Write comment (0 Comments) Karabo, who is now 27, has described himself as an MC, Dancer, Lawyer, and First Runner-up Mr Gay World Southern Africa 2017.

The UNHCR has ceased granting monthly stipends of some 4,000kes, roughly US, to all but a few of the several hundred men and women who remain in Nairobi, and who struggle to survive there, often alone and isolated.

While the official line of the UNHCR is that all is calm, and that harmony reigns in both Nairobi and Kakuma, the situation described by many LGBTI refugees is very different.

Now, Ugandan MPs are agitating to re-introduce the anti-homosexuality law, and they have the support of Rebecca Kadaga, the aggressively homophobic Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament.Smith, who had served as Dean for more than a decade before handing over the reins to Michael Weeder, suffered a cracked femur when he slipped while preparing for the Good Friday divine service at the cathedral.He remained in hospital until his death earlier this week.Kenyan law makes it very difficult to get the required Aliens card in order to work.The Kenyan police are a particularly brutal force and frequently round up LGBTIs, especially Ugandans, and cart them off to jail - often beating them up and humiliating them sexually in the process.

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