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Then team members take turns using the turkey like a bowling ball to knock down the soda. The other person has to hold the pole so that the person laying on the floor can try to eat the donut without using his or her hands. (It’s really harder than it sounds.)Using a van or opaque shower curtain, lay down two bedsheets on each side of whatever his hanging in the center as the “net.” You should not be able to see through the “net.” Have each team sit on their bedsheets with their water balloons. Toilet paper, saran wrap, and tin foil are used to make sculptures out of one person per team.Be aware that the sodas may “explode” and spray your audience. Each team tries to throw over a water balloon so that it hits the sheet on the other side. Pick up an object and tell the person next to you, “This is a marble.” He asks, “A what? The team with the best sculpture in the time allotted wins. Take some dishwashing detergent and spray it down on the tarp.

As a senior in a public high school, and as a person that has spent almost 12 years of my life in the public school system, I can confidently make that statement.

Young relationships always are so great in the beginning, but it always seems to end up with a lot of fighting and bickering.

Why spend all of that time fighting with someone, when you can be productive doing something and being happy? However, because we are young we are always going to be on the look-out for someone of the opposite sex that makes us happy.

Not everyone is looking, but 99 percent of kids are.

It has always made me wonder, "Why is everyone in need of a boyfriend/girlfriend?

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At the start of service give each student a gallon of milk.

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