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Who's to say that 50 or 100 years from now our descendants won't be using video game peripherals to talk to us beyond the grave?

So, next time you fire up the Xbox One and the Kinect registers an entity in the empty space next to you, maybe you'll think twice about dismissing it as a glitch.

It's extremely eerie and more than a little unsettling, especially when your knowledge of how the hardware actually works can't explain away the phenomenon.

After creating a personality and backstory for Philip, the name of their fictional entity, a group of eight researchers who believed they possessed no special psychic abilities began using meditation to try and "contact" him.

"If they believe someone can do that, then you could probably set up a scientific test for that," he said.

"If you had a person who you believed had that ability, you'd have to set up a blinded test in a laboratory condition in a controlled situation with a Kinect and test it over and over repeatedly.

Users have reported ghost stories involving games like Dance Central and the Xbox One UI picking up a second person in the room when they were alone.

The man in the room is still alone, but this second tiny figure moves across the screen, seemingly reaching out to touch the man's own, corporeal figure. If you've seen the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, you've seen this experiment before: A Kinect, Microsoft's camera peripheral that adds motion and voice control to the Xbox console family, is used to look beyond the veil, modified to capture images of what many believe to be spirits.

"Ever since the release of the Kinect motion sensor controllers in 2010, gamers have been posting videos of 'Kinect Ghosts' detected by their Xbox 360," reads a blog post on the subject from the League of Occult Research and Education, an Olympia, Washington-based group dedicated to studying the paranormal.

"The Kinect prompts you when a new person is in the room, a phenomena [] dismissed as a glitch by most users if they're alone.

However there are hundreds of videos on youtube of not only 'someone not there' being detected, but these 'ghosts' also using the motion controller to operate the system." A quick You Tube search of "Kinect ghosts" yields a surprising number of results.

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