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Year 7 girls at single-sex schools were 4.2 terms ahead of co-ed students in reading and 2.8 terms ahead in mathematics (Dix, 2017, unpaginated). Kirabo Jackson (2016) analysed a 2010 experiment by the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago to convert twenty low-performing, co-educational government secondary schools into single-sex schools.

• A 2017 study led by Christian Dustmann, Professor of Economics at University College London, found that converting educational environments from single-sex to co-ed leads to falling academic results for both boys and girls, but particularly for girls (p. The study — which examined data from South Korea where students were randomly assigned to single-sex and co-ed high schools until 2009 — also showed that “pupils in single-sex schools outperform[ed] their counterparts in coed schools by 5 to 10 per cent of a standard deviation for boys and 4 to 7 per cent for girls” on the College Scholastic Aptitude Test for students taking Korean, English and mathematics from 1996 to 2009 (p. (Also see, Dustmann et al., 2017, Why single-sex schools are more successful.) • Doo Hwan Kim and Helen Law’s 2012 analysis of Korea’s 2010 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) results also revealed “the advantage of attending a single-sex school”, stating that the “mean scores for both girls’ and boys’ schools were higher than those for their co-ed counterparts in all three major CSAT subjects: Korean, English and maths”. found that a school’s average socioeconomic status does influence tertiary entrance scores, but it does affect the probability of a student attending university (p. Jackson found that after accounting for student selection, there were “large positive effects” of 0.14 standard deviations for both boys and girls attending the single-sex pilot schools in national exams for academic subjects taken three years after entry (p. In addition, students in the single-sex cohorts were “more likely to earn the secondary school leaving credential”. 11) examined data for 60,000 high school students in Chile who sat admission tests for entry into science-related degrees in 2010, finding that males outperformed females in the biology, physics and chemistry tests overall, but that male and female students attending single-sex schools outperformed students from co-educational schools in all three tests.

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