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There was the party where people tried to dress like Indian women and Patti and her BFF wore horrid dog caftans that she continues to try to sell and there was a fortune-teller. There was that one with all of the little plastic alligators on the table for the men only. We see Thomas and his hospice nurse canoodling under the sheets wearing hotel robes.

Where Whitney was still acting like his mother’s batshit crazy was still perfectly normal. I have many more examples about her tacky parties that embarrass the entire south, but it is time to get started with this episode and I am kind of in slow motion today. Thomas says, “At long last, I’ve got myself a real woman with a real woman’s heart.” This must literally make Kathryn puke when she hears this.

Also, I am still in the hole so in the for the sake of a timely recap, you’re going to have to get over typos and random homophone replaces and words with the wrong final letter or so. I am sure Thomas doesn’t bother to change up his playbook that seems to work for him more often than not.

He makes eggs for breakfast and brings them to her in bed.

Whitney comes to support Cameran when she gets some child-birthing information. I don’t know why all reality production teams have suddenly decided every single party has to be a costume party lately but that is the trend in 2018. Austen wonders if this is Craig’s coming out moment. I used to hate people showing me their ultrasounds of their baby that where just black and grey blobs of nothing.

Let’s recall some of the litigious gadfly’s previous “glamorous events” shall we?

But taking the time and effort to plan effectively is not the only strategy being implemented by those who expect the worst.

There are those out there who have a different idea of how they’ll acquire necessary supplies should the system as we know it destabilize. Southern Prepper explains how your operational security may have already been compromised, and shares a story from one “prepper” who is planning on taking advantage of those who had the foresight to ready themselves.

One of the tenets of long-term preparedness is something we refer to as Operational Security, or OPSEC.

The goal is to build our stockpiles, strategies and friendships without the knowledge of the general public, or in many cases, even our neighbors or acquaintances. Because when it hits the fan, and there’s no food in grocery stores and violence erupts all around us, we’ll have the supplies to survive and the defensive initiative to protect what’s ours.

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Ashley comes dressed as Landon trying to dress like Patti. Why the holy fuck is Naomie going to sit with Patti and tell her to give Kathryn another chance? It should have at least been Cameran who has an entire suite and fully decked out nursery in Patti’s anal cavity.

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