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I’ve been following her for ages and she is highly respected and well known Quorean.

Quite often you will also notice a person that you believe you could have spoken with in the past, nevertheless as a rule they won't recognize who you really are, unless of course they've engaged in lots of message passing in the past or they've had a live chat with you.

If you work in academia and have need for high speed single-stream transfers over long distances you can find better guides online for TCP modifications that can increase the speed of such transfers beyond the already high limits the modern OS imposes - but usually these come at the expense of the reliability and flexibility of local transfers.

Too Long - Didn't Read : the tweak testing tool is retired«« No JAVA APPLET displayed?

Your PC may not be tuned properly to take full advantage your full connection speed.

For those with high speed connections (faster cable networks, Fi OS, etc), tuning your TCP stack is necessary if you wish to fully utilise the available bandwidth in one single download.

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