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Quitclaim deeds are also an excellent means to transfer real property into a living trust.

It cuts through the litigation process and can save time and money at the time of death.

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Therefore, this makes this type of deed less secure when comparing to a General Warranty Deed or Special/Limited Warranty Deed.

Depending on the laws in the State, a Quit Claim will have to be completed in front of either two (2) witnesses or a Notary Public (or both).

The deed will already have given the title to the appropriate beneficiary making the probate process short or completely unnecessary.

As long as the title and claim of the property are legitimate, there would be few means of contesting the transfer of the real estate in this way.

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In order for most county and city recorders to process the deed, the following information is required: Legal Description – Obtain the “Deed Book and Page Numbers” which can be found at the county or city recorder’s office. It is also recommended, although not required, to have the “Tax Map & Lot or Parcel ID” provided by the county or city assessor’s office included in the description.

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