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hugs, kissing); extratherapeutic contacts occur; dating begins; sexual intercourse occurs.This has been documented extensively in the literature, with no counteracting reports of successful relationships and non-abusive consequences being published.However, there is also the question of whether this type of power would be accentuated further in a fee-for-service situation, as exists in general practice in Australasia, as opposed to free public hospital treatment.) This differential is exacerbated further by any imbalances arising from the other three sources of power.Usually a patient also has less Aesculapian power even if well versed in medical knowledge (unless the patient is themselves a doctor, as in this case, or an unusual situation exists such as the parents in the film ‘Lorenzo's Oil').Many boundaries exist in the doctor–patient relationship.These include boundaries of role, time, place and space, money, gifts and services, clothing, language and physical contact.

To create the necessary conditions of a safe, therapeutic haven for a patient, a strong fiduciary relationship has to be built. the personality characteristics of the physician independent of the disciplinary knowledge and skill that give rise to Aesculapian power”. Instead of receiving his azathioprine and corticosteroids, he was given a high dose of frusemide and captopril.Transference is “the unconscious assignment to others of feelings and attitudes that were originally associated with important figures” by the patient onto the doctor.Counter-transference is the doctor's reaction to this process and this can include erotic feelings.To explain why this is always the case, even with former patients, it is useful to consider the sources of medical power in light of a framework suggested by family practitioner and ethicist, Howard Brody. Simply by the sheer nature of taking on the role of patient, regardless of any other type of power, there is an unequal power differential between the doctor and patient.In his book Brody outlines three sources of medical power: Aesculapian, Charismatic and Social. (This applies in both general practice and hospital-based medicine, although it may be accentuated by the latter's institutional culture.

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Sexual misconduct usually commences with violations of more minor boundaries:“The road to therapist–patient sex is paved with progressive boundary violations.

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