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There is a bit of controversy as to the source of the name of the festival.While some believe that the origin of the name is unknown, others contend that the name and principal character are honourable memorials to John Conny, an active, successful black merchant near Axim along the Guinea Coast around 1720. He worked for the Brandenburg Company, having command over three trading forts – Pokoso, Takrama and Akoda on the coast of Ghana.The Chinese, were noted for their acumen business and for the caring and nurturing of their children placing great emphasis on education and family life.To date, these characteristics have positively impacted the Jamaican society.They have added another dimension to the plurality of the cultural heritage of The word "Christmas" is derived from the Old English phase Crites Masse, which means "The Festival Mass of Christ." According to written records the observance has been fixed to December 25 from as early as AD 336.In Jamaica the exchange of greeting card has been an integral part of the yuletide season for many years.Therefore, ample opportunity was given to the slaves to show off their talents to the spectators who had also been given time off from work.From as early as the beginning of the 18th century masked and costumed performers have paraded the streets of Jamaica most often at Christmas time, but also at state functions, receiving money and food in return for their performances.

The sorrel plant like many of its relatives of the Hibiscus family is probably indigenous to Jamaica as it is to other parts of the Caribbean India and Hawaii.It was conceived as a festive opportunity afforded the slave class by the planter class, as Christmas was one of the few periods when the slaves were relieved of their duties.Hence, Christmas formed an appropriate season for festivities as all normal business activity on the island was halted by official decree and all males were called up for military service, augmenting the population in the larger towns.The John Canoe or Jonkonnu has a very long tradition as a folk festival, incorporating both African and European forms.The ‘Jonkonnu’ Festival is secular in nature and its performance at Christmas time is merely historical.

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