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( wait to be transferred to the specific person who handles immigration issues, don't talk to the phone operator as she would care less) Good Luck to all of us. Please contact National Customer Service, and do a referral and open a Service Request." I'd love to know how others are tackling this new obstacle! But we are hearing different things at these forums. To unauthenticated requests, the server should return a response whose header contains a HTTP 401 Unauthorized status This parameter indicates that the server expects the client to use UTF-8 for encoding username and password (see below).It should be the date on which EAD was issues from EAD card, or date which apparead in receipt notice. Also there is question "Please provide information concerning your eligibility status:", what should I provide in that text box. Just ask her to recapture 350,000 previous year's visas- That's all! Do what you feel is best for you and what you can make peace with. I filed my I-140 and I-485 concurrently on July 6th, 2007 Not sure how long it will take to get I-140 and _-485 approved.

When the server wants the user agent to authenticate itself towards the server, the server must respond appropriately to unauthenticated requests.

So he cancelled your H1B and also your I-140 later. Gurus / Recent GC Awardees: Can you clarify if the following Sequence of GC Issuance PRocess is correct, once Approval process is going on . May be this is the first time anyone would have posted this kind of post but yes I am in that situation. I am working for a client and they are willing to take me in and process my fresh green card.

Also Why you did not work with ex-employer after getting a project? Once you switch jobs using AC 21, you are no longer on H1-B (even though you still have H1-b date that has not expired). 1) Online LUD on Cases "Card Production Ordered" and subsequent Email. I am not too keen about it because they said they can file only on EB3. Now can you guys give our your honest opinion in what you would have done if you were in similar situation.

Your next H1-B will be considered a new H1-B and not a transfer. There is no difference whether the employer revokes or not revoke your H1 as you are no longer on H1-B. Just keep kissing their ass till u get the work done. Bingaman, Chuck Hagel's office - talked nicely to staff and explained. 2) Online LUD Change as "Welcome Notices Sent" and Emails. The client is a good top 10 client and you will have a stable job that is garunteed. Given the gross uncertainity about retrogression and GC, I would not give undue importance to the GC timeline factor.

The requirements of the job dictates whether or not you can qualify for EB2. Yes butter them and sound pleasing, approach them as if you need their help. Wife is also calling - let us do this, folks, do you want to wait another 12 years while your gardenere gets his/her greencard. 3) Receiving the Paper Welcome Notices (Are these Notices are deemed to be I485 approval notices ?? Any Info or guidance from Peers is highly appreciated . Eventually job / skills are more important than the distant GC. I abandoned my GC process with my former employer for a new and much more promising job.

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