Double your dating the reference manual for how to be

Finally, an incidental (but very useful) side-effect of ESS is that a transcript of your session is kept for later saving or editing.

No special knowledge of Emacs is necessary when using R interactively under ESS.

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Hook up on the phone—or for real—with the hottest singles in your area.ESS is a package which is designed to make editing and interacting with statistical packages more uniform, user-friendly and give you the power of Emacs as well.Additionally, both Emacs and ESS (and R) are free software designed to give users full control over their computer.For those that use R in the typical edit–test–revise cycle when writing R functions, ESS provides for editing of R functions in Emacs buffers.Unlike the typical use of R where the editor is restarted every time an object is edited, ESS uses the current Emacs session for editing.

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