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And if you’re traveling for a full week, Tuesday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Wednesday is often your best bet.

More generally, if you’re willing to be flexible, check a bunch of alternate dates around the same time period because you never know when there might be one combination of dates that has a fare a lot lower than the dates around it. Be Mindful of Seasonality & Holidays Knowing when to go can matter just as much as when to buy.

You should factor that into your purchase decision.

Cheap Air makes that easy: when you see a list of flight options on our site, just hover over any of them with your mouse and you will see, among other things, the amount that airline charges for bags.

“Mix & Match” options come in handy when either (1) the best possible fare for an itinerary requires travel on one airline going out and another airline coming back; or (2) the airline with the most convenient outbound flight doesn’t have a convenient return flight or vice versa. Sign Up for Airfare Alerts and Track Routes To help keep an eye on fare trends, sign up for Cheap Air Fare Tracker alerts.

You’ll get notified more quickly when a sale starts and get a head start when only a limited number of seats are available.

Acting quickly when a fare sale starts can save you a lot of money. Prepare for Extra Bag Fees Different airlines have different policies on baggage.

Most charge for checked bags and some even charge for carry-on.

Similarly, some destinations, especially international ones, are very seasonal in nature so research the low and peak seasons for the places you’re interested in visiting.Somewhere between 3 weeks and 4 months in advance is usually the sweet spot for flights within the U.S., although all bets are off if you’re traveling for a holiday or other peak time (see #4 below). Some Days are Cheaper than Others The day of the week you fly on can make a big difference in your air fare.If you’re going to Europe, for example, you can find some amazing deals during the February and March low season, but if you want to go during the summer, you’ll pay up to double the price.If you do need to travel to popular places at popular times, you usually want to book earlier than you otherwise would since discount seats are likely to sell out quickly. Mix and Match Airlines to get the Cheapest Flights Cheap features a “Mix & Match” category that essentially lets you combine two one way fares that may or may not be on the same airline, to form a round trip.

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Because airlines will typically limit the number of seats per flight they sell at their lowest rate, sometimes you can actually price yourself right out of a good deal simply by having too many passengers.

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