Dhcp server is not updating dns records

We have a set of Windows 2012R2 domain controllers which provide DNS and DHCP service for the network.

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 server which is getting addresses via DHCP. In the Windows DHCP server, I have converted the lease to a reservation.

I've also checked setting of computer which having PTR record.

It has the value in "DNS reverse zone" as your guess.

Most home users who use DSL/Cable routers as DHCP/NAT servers to facilitate multiple host connections to the Internet should turn off dynamic DNS updates.Maybe this issue relate to turn on/off DHCP Service (I use OK, that was just to make sure that you're not hitting a certain bug in the Samba connector.No output is good output I don't know exactly how Windows decides which server to contact for the updates.Probing the DNS servers via dig returns no records for the hostname.Windows DHCP clients in the domain which have reservations properly update DNS.

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