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No one likes fire ants, and it would be hard to find anyone upset if they disappeared.No industry has sprung up around exploiting fire ants for economic gain, and no incentive for encouraging their spread or maintaining a large enough population to support that industry.According to a Texas Department of Agriculture study, each hog is responsible for -500 in damage to agriculture and wildlife habitat annually.

Texas, as another feral-hog expert said, "will never be able to barbecue its way out of its feral-hog problem," referring to the recreational and commercial hunting of hogs in the state. But, in the end, they barely make a dent in the problem.No one challenges the science-based evidence of fire ants' negative impacts.Texas hunters have a love-hate relationship with the state's 2.6 million feral hogs, complicating efforts to control the invasive swine that provide recreation and food for many hunters, who support an industry built around hunting the hogs that are responsible for significant economic and environmental damage.Yes, most agree the pigs are responsible for tens of millions of dollars of damage to agriculture each year, and millions more in damage to private property.And that feral hogs directly compete with native wildlife, including the state's hugely valuable white-tailed deer herd.

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About 130 helicopter operations are currently permitted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to conduct aerial management of depredating feral hogs or coyotes.

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