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After being rejected by Zig, Zoe decides she is done with chasing boys.

Frankie feels there’s a double standard between boys and girls, which gives Zoe the perfect fundraising idea– but does Frankie approve?

After Miles bails on his history presentation, a worried Tristan discovers that Miles has an illegal vice.

Meanwhile, Alli is accepted into Cambridge University and Dallas fears that it could mean the end of their relationship.

Every moment counts as the Juniors fight hard to secure their place and the Seniors give it their all to make it to graduation—and prepare for life after Dregrassi.

Clare confides in Alli and Jenna that she’s pregnant– but how will she break the news to the baby’s father?

Meanwhile, Eli still cares about Clare and wants Drew out of the picture!Meanwhile, a normally confident Zig feels emasculated when he loses an arm wrestle to Grace.Despite her efforts, Becky still struggles to forgive Luke for his crime and finds a much needed distraction in a new band.When we last saw the Degrassi students, a super-storm hit Toronto and sparks flew at Degrassi!We left Miles and Tristan kissing in the Hollingsworth mansion; Zoë and Maya fighting in The Dot; Drew and Becky sharing an intimate moment in the boiler room; and an injured Clare came face-to-face with Eli in New York City.

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