Debby ryan and cole sprouse dating in real life

They would collect all of us from the different shows and then put us together at Disney World. We had the park to ourselves some nights.”Could you imagine summer camp at disney World? Only problem is that just like normal summer camp, there was lots of drama because of the teenaged stars' raging hormones.“And lots of drama because we were all dating each other,” he added.

“It’s like high school.”Well, it wouldn't Aly and AJ took a massive break from music after dropping three hit albums under Disney Channel's music label, Hollywood records.

"To have them have to get their makeup done and also balance school.

I think what was hard for me was balancing everything.

"I don't think [Disney Channel] were willing to work with us, really ever. But the question is, does Brenda regret her Disney roots considering the "kid-y" stigma that often comes along with it?

"I think that's what's probably a little wrong with me now," she said."Um, I think, well there was like a—me and Britney were, you know, like… Bella Thorne was never the cookie cutter sort, which is why she ran into some trouble with Disney Channel when she wore a bathing suit that did not pass the squeaky-clean Disney kid image test. They said, 'You're lucky that Bella has such a fanbase that we can't afford to fire her at this moment in time, but if she does one more other thing, we will.'"All over a bikini her mom picked out?well, you know, there was like a thing back then," she said. Apparently, when this picture of Bella in a tiny black bikini with lace hit the web back in 2011, Disney Channel was so displeased by the "skimpy" suit that they threatened to fire Bella."Somebody took a photo of me in a bathing suit — yeah, it was a sexy bathing suit," she said in an interview with It was black and it's got a little bit of fun little lace underneath. That's some serious pressure for a teenager to be under."I mark that up to doing some extreme damage in my psyche as an adult person." Nick Jonas revealed that some of the luxurious trips Disney sent their stars on together felt like summer camp.“[I have] Lots of memorable moments from the Disney days,” Nick shared in an interview with Buzz Feed.“We used to do the Disney Channel Games, which was a good time.

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