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Commonwealth & State offences - Commonwealth offences the most serious - whether NPP being 75% of total sentence appropriate in those circumstances - whether sentences should have been made concurrent.

Appeal allowed: resentenced to 4y with a NPP of 2y 8m.

Whilst there, she met all expectations of Guthrie House, including participation in the group work programme & taking responsibility for recovery from alcohol & drug dependence. The 2nd offence was the possession of 5,600 reasonably suspected of being stolen. The 1st offence related to the possession of a compact disc specifically designed for the making of false passports.The complainant was the applicant's stepdaughter, who was aged 12 & 13 at the time of the offences.Delay in prosecuting child sexual offences in NSW after applicant charged & sentenced in Queensland - whether insufficient account taken of delay & effect of it upon applicant - whether in light of delay partial accumulation of sentences warranted - technical defect in pronouncement of sentences - sentences not in accordance with s.44 1999 as it applied at the date of the commission of the offences - sentences erroneously pronounced in accordance with that section as it was at the time of sentence.

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