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I don't have kids but I really try to avoid men who do have small children for two reasons.

One, I already helped to raise a niece, am close to 50, been there, done that, and don't want to deal with it again, though the outcome was rewarding since she is close to graduating from college now and has turned out to be a nice young lady.

That child has to go through that loss again having you step out of their life because you and the dad are not clicking.

Sorry, but to me it's not worth dating anyone to put a young child through that experience.

In my experience, the single Dads I have had relationships with, weren't good at juggling kids and a relationship and didn't make the relationship a priority at all.

They expected me to make them and their kid(s) my "number 1", and I was expected to do ALL the compromising.

Again, that has just been MY experience to date I have noticed myself doing the same thing, After getting really serious with someone that did have kids, and one of his children being a nightmare to me and my girls, I thought someone with no kids might be a better option.To answer your question, you could date someone without kids and may think they will be ready after awhile, but that's something we can't predict or give hindsight too.People do change over period of time, and I've had a friend or two who change their minds in wanting kids after saying they don't want to, their answer to the change, depends on the person they are seeing and can see a future with.I don't understand why anyone would have a problem with this post - seems like a legitimate question to me...I'm a single gal with no kids - and being in the place I am in life, I'm okay with dating a guy who *will* be busy with his children because being a parent comes first (I respect that deeply) - and where I am right now, I need alone time - but would welcome a companion once in a while :) I guess it's all about lucking into that special combination people find in creating a healthy relationship with boundaries.

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