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I don't have anything against transsexuals being attractive and could understand where guys would find them so.

All these people who are making fun of your thread would never know if one of their male or female friend was born with opposite sex body. Hell I'll even look you in the eyes when I'm talking!

I mean they wouldn't know if they went out on date with one such person who had gender reassignment surgery, usually known as GRS. There was a documentary on discovery recently where they had man turn into a woman, and woman turn into a man. I'll be glad to recant my statement if you can provide new information, I'm always willing to learn. Just because It's NOT my thing doesn't mean I have a problem with it! I've always had a fantastic time, great conversations, and wonderful people and personalities.

They just feel that their 'brain sex' and their physical body do not match.

Some transgendered people do wish to be the opposite physical gender, and try to dress and behave that way; if they do not pursue sexual reassignment surgery, they are referred to as pre-op, or non-op transsexuals, depending on who you ask.

I do have a close friend who recently got involved with a mid-transition transgendered girl(mtf) and I say more power to him. Plus they have no cellulite and could put most women to shame walking in heels.

I'm smart, funny, fit, handsome, and i have some special talents, that i think will please you... Another married guy needing to fill a void as I do. Love kissing..cuddling..holding a guy..69..rimming..fingering and anal connection.

Serving the Chicago gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Info on this site is strictly for entertainment purposes.

I am hoping for a real connection even if it just turns out to be platonic...

guys who really enjoy the intimate companionship and exploration of other guys.

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