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We know each other on a very intimate level that compares to very close friendships that have been developing for several years.

There are tender and delicate strings woven between us and because we chose to fully discuss everything that happened and what did and did not work for us, we are in a strong place.

Sometimes, the things you need the most are presented to you in the most unrecognizable packages.

I encourage everyone on the dating scene to be open to what kind of relationships could develop as a result of putting yourself out there.

This post details the lessons I’ve learned thus far regarding male-female relationships.

I don’t proclaim to be a master or anything like that.

This post simply attempts to fit dating into a Zen and Buddhist lifestyle paradigm and give over some lessons I’ve learned over time. I wrote it so that I don’t forget the lessons I’ve learned. You should always only apply what does resonate with you.

Almost all of these concepts are helpful to better your relations with people in general. My goal isn’t to change for the sake of being more attractive to women.But from my perspective, it will help me attract the girl.Being in a bad relationship can take its toll on your health and be in a good relationship is associated with many health benefits.Meeting right away wasn’t in the cards for me, a first time online dater, but he warned that he would like to meet sooner rather than later so we could see if there was real chemistry between us.A month passed and the big day came—our first face-to-face meeting.

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See, that’s the thing about love—it’s not conditional.

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  1. I wasn’t me anymore - Amy, 21, *dancing girl emoji*. That red hair isn't something to be ashamed of, but celebrated. But it was the nudge I needed to start taking pride in who I am and put myself out there.