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And, at this point in my life marriage wasn’t really on my mind.

“Whoa Steve, he tells me, I’m not marrying any of these women, and they know it, they simply want a mature guy like me to make them feel good and flip the bill. ” That’s when my outlook on this once outlandish concept started to change.

These days you’ve got better things to do than go out till the late hours of the morning, at a venue where the music’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

Competing with guys their age in that setting is not playing to your strengths, and alcohol never leads to good decision making, yet you could be her best choice – even if she doesn’t know it yet.

Arrangement dating flips this narrative on its head.

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During sex, this guy I'm seeing secretly removed the condom. When me and him are in the car, I swear it's like it hits the windshield and blows back in my face...

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