Dating my vintage desk dating someone in your group of friends

Prototype (1932)- Features a tall casted base painted black- Two thin steel strips for side arms- Other arms made of aluminium.- Simple springs, without any cap detailing Model 1208 (1933)- Has a short casted base- On many of these the side arms are made of tubing rather than a thin metal strip.- The metal used on the arms ranged from Brass, steel to aluminium depending on the availability of the metal at the time.​- The shade is slightly larger than the prototype.

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Model 75 (1968)- A round base that has a relatively small footprint.- The fork has a more rounded profile.- The oval recess built into the fork will say ‘Anglepoise’.- Spring caps were still often used for extra adjustability.- Nylon components used throughout the linkage strip area.- The side arms would have used a tube construction.- The swivel joint into the shade would have an all-metal construction.- The distinctive fluted shade was without a rolled edge, and was painted white inside.- The top of the shade had a removable top, to enable maintaining the product and included a rocker switch.

Model 90 (1973)​- The base continued to have a small footprint, with a steel cover.- The fork uses a bent steel strip and is held in place at the pivot point by a nut and bolt.- Springs are without metal caps.- Linkage strip is nylon.- The back arm has a small nylon section at the top to fit into the centre joint.- Side arms will have been made of a steel metal strip.- The swivel joint at the top has a nylon section in the middle.- The fluted shade has a push button switch at the top.

Mauritius and Swaziland (from UK) gain independence.1970 - Muscat and Oman changes to Oman.

The whites demanded independence from Southern Rhodesia (Rhodesia from 1964).1964 - Malawi and Zambia independent from UK; Zambia was Northern Rhodesia. Guyana independent 1967 - French Somaliland changes to Afars & Issas (Fr.) 1968 - Equatorial Guinea independence.

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