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Jay Z features on "Drunk In Love," a song that seems to confirm that the couple have an extremely healthy sex life.(Surfbort.) January 2014: Bey and Jay perform "Drunk In Love" at the Grammys. February 2014: A French newspaper claims that Beyoncé is having an affair with President Obama.July 2014: Page Six runs a series of reports claiming that Jay Z and Beyoncé are on the verge of the divorce.According to their sources, the only thing keeping them together is the "On the Run" tour, and the marriage will end after the tour ends.

May 2014: Beyoncé and Jay Z attend the Met Gala together.Period.", which features plenty of footage where Bey and Jay look happy and in love.In an Oprah interview the same weekend, Beyoncé says she suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Blue. Treasury Department eventually concludes that the trip was legal. Beyoncé appears on the song "Part II (On the Run)." August 2013: Rapper and model Liv claims that Jay Z hit on her back in 2008, but she declined his advances out of respect for Beyoncé.A Blind Gossip item seemingly about the pair also indicates that the end is nigh.August 2014: Beyoncé releases the "Flawless" remix with Nicki Minaj, and addresses the elevator fight in the line, "Of course sometimes shit go down when it's a billion dollars on an elevator." A few days later, rapper and model Liv (see August 2013) releases a song called "Sorry Mrs.

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