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Stand the way he stands, sit the way he sits (as best you can without pulling a Britney Spears), and talk the way he talks.Pretend that you are two alpha males talking business together.I strolled into my favorite neighborhood cafe, dressed to impress, feeling cool as a cucumber. I could've wrung out her tank top and filled up an extra-large coffee cup. She’d mentioned on her dating profile that she was a marathon runner, so I asked, "Wow! She was a perfectly nice human being ― albeit a bit nervous.

Over time, I’ve polished up a go-to script for saying, “No, thanks” to a second date ― while still making him (or her) feel totally great. here's the ever-so-slightly awkward part where we analyze each other’s emails, line by line, and try to feel out if a "second date" is on the horizon. If our paths cross again, I’ll be expecting a full update on . If you’re saying, “No, thanks,” be exceptionally clear and extraordinarily kind. But also be on guard because there are some people that could be dangerous. In both cases, the man who asked them out was someone they already knew, trusted, and considered a friend. Both women were saddened and a little upset that their “friend” had decided to take it somewhere else.Not in an inauthentic way (as in, don’t lie or make things up about yourself).But you can get into “extreme rapport” with the man you are talking to.

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