Dating bipolar guy

I hope that may be of some use to you, everyone's different though so interpretations are subjective.

I'm a bi-polar grandmom on lithium for over 25 years. First of all spring and fall are the worst times for bipolar patients. It sounds like she is trying to leave you but doesn't have the heart to tell you goodbye.

Maybe it's just her illness and that's not her fault. She goes away every Friday to Clearwater, Fl with her "family" but sometimes I feel like its another guy she's seeing.

Everything was going well, up until last friday the 13.

The two days after work each night, she spent all day at a guy friends house.

Sometimes I want to let her go, but my feelings for her are so strong.

Right now, she broke it off with me and asked me not to call her anymore, and if I do she will change her number, so I haven't call; I really don't know what to do, I'm really good to her, I give her everything she asks of me, all I ever asked in return was to spend time with her, and to let me love her as I know how. marijuana Impulsive thoughts Highly Addicted to Addictions Addicted to ideological ideas to the point of dismissing reality Unable to complete tasks Day dreaming / easily distracted.

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