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A random access recording method and system for recording and playing back of avionics data, includes: storing data received from a plurality of data channels in respective data files.

In computing, a file system or filesystem is used to control how data is stored and retrieved.

Macroeconomic determinants of commercial banks’ liquidity in Namibia.

In the present-day, Setubal municipality has diversified land use along its coastline, which is also located on low ground (3–4 m above mean sea level), thus increasing the exposure of coastal communities to a future tsunami scenario.

As shown in Figure 1, in the western part of Setubal, there are mostly beaches, while the centre is dominated by the urban area, and the east contains a port and most of the industrial plants.

For these reasons, the beaches are popular among residents and tourists, especially during summer.

Also, in the same area, there are unstable cliffs [3,4,5].

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Therefore, the challenge is to assess the conditions for the safe evacuation of coastal communities in Setubal municipality if a moderate to large tsunami occurs, since the impact of a potential tsunami on the municipality is still largely unknown.

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