Dating a hohner marine band harmonica

concerning Dylan and the harmonica, mainly from r.m.d.

First of all: The short answer is: "Hohner Marine Band" The long answer is: From catherine yronwode SOme one mentioned that Bob played Marine Band.

In the last four bars of the first harp solo, Dylan introduces a chugging rhythm - a technique commonly used by old-time blues players to imitate the sound of a train.

Follow the markings that indicate syncopated slurred tonguing and throat popping to get a feel for this chugging technique, which is used extensively in the three solos that follow.

Here's the accompanying quote and notes to 'Baby I'm In The Mood For You'.

Bob Dylan, as far as i know, started out with the Marine Band and always has used that brand.You may want to practice these rhythms slowly at first, but keep in mind that the train rhythms won't sound quite right until you bring them up to speed.In a couple of spots, Dylan punctuates his solos with a vocalized whoop - a device reminiscent of the great blues harp player Sonny Terry.Then he started playing the harp without even holding, let alone playing, the guitar. Could it be that playing the guitar and harmonica is awkward and would cause back injuries after 40 years? Playing guitar is much easier physically than blowing a harp, especially if your 56 and have had a pack a day habit for 40 years.Harmonicas are often described as the most popular instruments on the planet, mainly because of their portability and low cost compared to, say, a grand piano or tuba.

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