Dating a divorced man with trust issues dating for tall women short men

I admit to pushing him to make a few dates along the way but have never text or called him before he has done so.I’ve not always been available to meet him also which he did not like.

Indeed, dissolving a marriage and planning for divorce turns your life upside down, as you renegotiate your living arrangements, finances, and your social circle.I wonder why you’re interested in dating this man after: As a dating coach for women, I say any of these is reason enough not to see him again!What is it about him that makes him worth your time or affection?He is currently separated from his wife and has been for almost two years. I went out on three dates with him before he told me that he’d told his wife about us.Within a week of this he informed me that she was texting him constantly and putting him under a lot of pressure and he was feeling guilty.

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I’m not sure if I’ve pushed him away or if it’s really his circumstances that are keeping away.

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