Dating a cocktial waitress in las vegas

Tips skew a cocktail waitress's earnings higher or lower, depending on the customer.This is one of the less predictable parts of the job, but in certain settings, such as cruise ships or resorts, gratuities are automatically added to drink orders.Whether it's bringing a bottle to your VIP table a nightclub or bringing you a whiskey sour while you play the mega bucks, a cocktail server with a gorgeous smile and elegant look will always add to the overall appeal of Vegas.1) Omnia Nightclub It's no surprise that the newest venue in town has recruited some of the most gorgeous ladies to accent the high-end vibe of Vegas' newest club.Some nightclubs and casinos are busy and fast-paced, so the ability to maintain your concentration and focus in a hectic environment is also key.You must know the basic ingredients in most cocktails. Additionally, you might be asked to perform side work such as straightening and wiping tables, refilling garnish trays, slicing fruits and keeping the bar tidy.The "Hearts of Omnia" manage to strike an even balance between sex appeal and classy elegance with their rose-gold outfits and impeccable physiques.Most of these ladies belong to model agencies, so that's an added appeal.

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