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However, unlike a Web Form control, HTML helpers are extremely lightweight. Action Link() helper to create a link to a controller action.

For example, an HTML helper does not have an event model and does not use view state. NET MVC framework includes a standard set of helpers that you can use to render the most common types of HTML elements. For example, the view in Listing 1 includes a link to an action named About (see Figure 1). Action Link() helper Listing 1 – Views Home In Listing 1, the first parameter passed to the Html.

You should always HTML encode user submitted content.· data Text Field – The name of the property to display for each item in the Select List as the label of the item.· selected Value – The item to select in the Select List.You can pass the following parameters to the constructor for a Select List when creating a new Select List: · items – The items represented by the Select List.· data Value Field – The name of the property to associate with each item in the Select List as the value of the item.

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