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So this is how they’re continuing their partnership, especially since he’s probably not going to be in Wonder Woman 2. It always goes Pine, Hemsworth, Evans and, if I must, Pratt.

And the reason I’m writing about Chris Pine and not Kathleen, our resident Chris Pine stan, is because I sent Kathleen a Chris Pine video last week that isn’t new but that she’d actually never seen before and it made me think more on Chris Pine. Like in Wonder Woman, he is probably going to be about the seventh best thing about this movie. As you know, Chris and Patty worked together on Wonder Woman.

Funny how people are quick to judge ones view while hiding behind anonymous.

If you were all man or women enough you would not be quick with the snipes if people knew who you are. If your going to insult make yourself known, then it becomes a battle of the wits and by judging by your commits you are severely out gun. To be honest, whenever I see a man who's not just physically attractive, but shows some real talent, I assume (not in that generic DL way) that they have to be at least bisexual.

Go sit back down at the kids table let the grown ups talk. Having looks and a wired brain means you're always exploring the possibilities.

Things like that the will always come out just look for what's missing that should there.

Starting to think those drinking/drug rumors are true.

Also there is defiantly tension between him and Quinto.

Zach no longer goes out of his way to interact with Chris in interviews it's very apparent.

Yes the do silly stuff like in R83's video but Zach seems annoyed when Chris speaks now.[quote] Haven't seen any interviews for Star Trek Beyond, but didn't Zach and Chris' public friendship suddenly stop sometime after the last Star Trek movie came out? As intoxicated as Chris Pine can get, even that's not enough to help someone deal with being around Quinto.

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I still assume that, any day, I'm going to be exposed as a fraud.

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