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They usually have intense emotional feelings about the relationship including lust, hate, fear and anger, but often really fear true intimacy while being terrified of abandonment.They give an inordinate amount of time and thought to the relationship or person to whom they are addicted.It could be managed but an sure it's so deep rooted within him that he would have nothing but relapses all the time.It gives me a very low opinion of myself, yet I know I am not the one with the problem. I have always been a good wife and mother and don't know what I have done to deserve this.When love, romance and sex are sought to numb emotional pain, escape loneliness or boredom, partner choice is distorted.Love and romance addicts are male and female, straight and gay.There are many books written on this topic: by Pia Mellody Using these texts along with individual therapy and counseling to address any childhood trauma can help you find true intimacy and a healthy sexual relationship.As a Certified Trauma and Addiction Therapist I am trained to help partners of sex addicts, love and romance addicts and anyone suffering with an intimacy disorder.

They are looking for the “ideal relationship” that will satisfy all their needs for sexuality and unconditional love and attention.We are due to go away the 4 of us but now I don't know what the best thing to do is.I need the break and I think it is important to go ahead, whether its just the 3 of us or him as well. There must be other women who have been through this themselves or support groups etc. Lynne x Hi Lynne I can see that your husband's addiction to porn is having a big impact on your relationship and causing your to question whether or not you can stay with your husband.many men look at pornography and will do so over the years but that does not in itself qualify it as an addiction.being made to feel guilty when 'caught' promising not to do it again (well what else is there to say?

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