Cbs rejects ad from gay dating website Freenudewebcamchat

To determine who is man and who is woman, check who has a penis and who has a womb. They have the right to choose which body bits they want to share but I do nto want my child confused!

Presently the more conservative mode of thinking (anti-abortion,gun ownership,etc.,etc.)is on the IN list.

Theresa, your comment comparing gays to Jews in Nazi Germany has no merit. Gays don't need "special rights." They should not receive special consideration. Producer LARRY KING LIVE' S Emmy-winning Senior Executive Producer Wendy Walker knows what it takes to make a great story.

With anecdotes, provocative emails, scandals, show transcripts and insights into Walker's long working relationship with Larry King, her new book PRODUCER issues readers an invitation to listen in on the most intriguing conversations on the planet.

Why should school add gay stuff to the curriculum an dremove the good teahings of the bible that teaches us to love everyone as equals? We have enough problems in this country with jobs, no healthcare, people loses their homes, security, etc. Leave them alone unless they are criminals, pedophiles, or terrorists!

Standing up against abnormal desires and acts does not mean that we do not love others. Very amusing ,that ads containing the right wing religious ideals on decreasing abortions are not filtered out; however, ads containing acceptance of homosexuality are filtered out!

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