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Swindon-born entrepreneur James Richings has bagged an Emmy for his business’s innovations in film-editing technology.

His company’s multi-camera editing software, which has been used in highly-acclaimed films such as The King’s Speech and The Wolf of Wall Street, won him and his colleagues an award for technical innovation.

Mr Richings said: “We didn’t know if it was real at first – it took as a couple of days to establish if it was true. It was good to be amongst peers, get recognition from them and represent British tech.” As a managing director of Edit Share, which makes software for TV and film producers, Mr Richings takes a keen interest in business, technology and innovation.

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A committee of around 40 people decided on the winning technology, which was specifically awarded for a pioneering development in the software's storage system.

James Richings informed the Adver that two of the company’s lead developers have worked on Lightworks collectively for around 45 years.

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