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She’s excited with the state of their relationship–Rich has done everything she’s asked of him regardless of how crazy he may consider her requests. Rich is on board as long as his ring is just as expensive as hers.

Jason Lee and Hazel-E’s beef is highlighted, and Hazel won’t let Jason get a word in, but Ray-J pontificates that everyone needs redemption on the reunion.

Jason blabbers off an insincere apology for tossing a drink in Hazel’s face, but Hazel reminds Nina that he was profiting off the incident with a t-shirt slogan the day the episode aired. Is it possible that I’ve already forgotten half of the story lines from this season’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Brandi inserts herself yet again because she’s such a champion for Jesus, and Ray wants to know what would Jesus do. Thanks goodness that last night’s first reunion installment brought me back up to speed!

Princess and Ray-J’s turbulent romance is the first story line to be recapped.

Ray admits he’s made a lot of mistakes, and Princess is happy to share that the charges against her have been dropped after that whole “Ray-J let me get arrested” fiasco.

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