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When the police stops are listed as occurring indoors, such as in stores, the racial disparity is starker: Blacks account for more than two-thirds of those stops.

"I was shot two times here," he said pointing to his shoulder."And the other one went in here and went out the back of my neck."The attackers tried to take one final shot at Mr Henrico's head, as his partner Estelle Nieuwenhuys watched on in horror, but the rifle jammed."I can't get that out of my head.

The EFF is backing the call for white farms to be handed back to the millions of black South Africans who work the land but don't own it.

After years of avoiding any action, the South African Government says it will change the law so it can seize land without compensation."Land is a matter of pride.

For the 2000s, 11 per cent of whites gave anti-white bias the maximum 10 out of 10 rating, compared with only two per cent of whites who did so for anti-black bias.

Whites believed that discrimination against them had increased from an average of 1.8 in the 1950s to 4.7 in the 2000s.

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Two white farmers have been charged in connection with the killing. White farmers have accused leaders of political parties, such as the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), of using hate speech to encourage genocide and land invasions. There is no political movement to kill white people.

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