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It was, however, the kind of thick, heavy paint job that you get at a cheap car-painting emporium. I could hear rust rattling around in the top tube and some of the stays.

There were no drain holes in the top tube, so I drilled out the ends from inside the seat tube and head tube and put a small weep hole in the bottom, near the seat lugs. I did similar drilling and rust removal in the stays and fork arms.

It would be nice to chrome plate the fancy scrolled lugs and perhaps some of the rear triangle.(Sorry, this bike is for riding, so it has to be practical. I just don't mess with them.) The Peugeot crank, Campagnolo Rally rear derailleur, and 34-tooth (! The frame has obviously been repainted, perhaps by an auto-body shop.The bottom bracket has an oil hole, not uncommon for frames from the 50s and 60s; it was painted over.Originally, it had Campagnolo high-flange hubs with Weinmann tubular rims, which, to my delight, came with the bike.(Definitely from Switzerland: the rim label gives the model name in both French and German: Champion du Monde and Weltmeister.) The original wheels are shown below.

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It began last year, when I was asked to teach knitting to groups of community residents.

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