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I took a long, milk-white hit from the bong and held it in, giving it time to absorb into my lungs. I scooted over to the edge of my chair so that I was only sitting on my right butt cheek.I pulled my jeans down to my thighs and pushed my thong to the side, exposing my plugged hole to the evening air.It was designed for vaginal use, but it had a flared base, so it worked for me just fine. "I want you inside me." Tracy crawled over to my waist.I gasped as she sat down, taking my full length in one fluid motion.It was a little tight on the way out, but it slid back in effortlessly. I sat outside for a few more minutes, gently playing with the glass between my legs as I finished off the bowl. I heard something buzz behind me, and I knew what it was. " She slapped my ass again, this time on the other cheek. It went in easily, and I had to exert some effort to hold it in. I rolled onto my back obediently, and Tracy straddled my face.

I sank into the bed, feeling it conform to my body. It touched my right butt cheek first and then slid down, cupping my ass and then my inner thigh. "Always ready for some fun." The bed shifted as Tracy climbed on behind me. Then it opened again, and Tracy slid two of her fingers in. I moaned as her fingers traced a gentle circle on my prostate. I'm not an excessively masculine man to begin with, but as soon as she touches me like that, I'm basically just a lesbian trapped in a man's body. She had just showered, but if I got close enough I could just barely make out the scent of her sweat, and the natural musk of her asshole. "Get back on your knees." I resumed my position, ass up in the air, and Tracy knelt behind me. Tracy pulled the plug out of my ass once again, and this time she replaced it quickly with her cock.

After a few moments, Tracy flopped onto the bed beside me.

She grabbed the vibrator and turned it off, and laid her head on my chest. My voice came out deeper than usual and cracked, as if I had forgotten how to speak after all my moaning.

The hand traveled back upward, this time in between my legs. She slid her hand up my ass crack until she got to the glass plug, and then she pulled. Even the trace of the smell was enough to make me rock hard. I heard the slimy, wet sound of her hand sliding up and down her silicone cock, lubricating it. I moaned as it slid in slowly, gently, until her hips brushed my butt cheeks. Tracy clicked the remote again, and her vibrator sped up as she began thrusting faster, harder.

A few fingers traced their way around the butt plug and then down to my taint. I grabbed handfuls of the bedsheet beneath us for support as Tracy rocked my body, pounding my asshole.

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