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Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger began her dancing career in April of 2005, and has since made a name for herself in the Salsa & Bachata dance communities.With her partner, Jorge Burgos (ATACA Jorgie), they have become one of the most recognizable couples in the Bachata scene; and they have traveled to over 25 different countries teaching and performing Bachata.Comenzó su carrera como bailarin profesional en 2006, y desde entonces ha ganado los corazones de miles de bailarines con su sonrisa carismática y su capacidad y maravilloso estilo de baile.Junto con Tanja "La Alemana", ha viajado por el mundo actuando en diversos festivales de bachata y salsa, incluyendo: Polonia, Francia, Bélgica, Bermudas, Inglaterra, y en todo los Estados Unidos.We actually first met Ataca y la Alemana (Jorge and Tanja) at the DC Bachata Congress in August 2009. This couple have become one of the most known Bachata performers and instructors in the world, with a busy traveling schedule that leaves them little time to be at home.Since a performance in 2008 with their now very famous choreography “Te Extrano” by XTREME, their popularity skyrocketed due to You Tube viral sharing capabilities.Sus clases siempre están llenas, no sólo porque como instructor es fácil de seguir, sino tambien por lo energicas y llenas de alegria que son sus clases.

Tanja has been dancing all her life, since her mother was also a professional dancer, and she was introduced to Latin dancing in 2005.Since then she has focused her career within the Latin world.Together, Ataca and La Alemana have traveled the world performing and teaching at many Bachata and Salsa festivals.Jorge “ATACA Jorgie” Burgos is from Puerto Rican decent and naturally, dance has been a huge part in his life.He began his professional dance career in 2006, and has since won over the hearts of thousands of dancers with his charismatic smile and wonderful dancing ability and style.

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