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“My wife just shook her head and walked out the front door,” leaving Thomas to think about everything he might be about to lose - he’d seen the 50th anniversaries of his parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. The couple stayed together, and Thomas even writes that he appreciated the hackers’ timing: “I suppose I have Mr.

The infidelity app Ashley Madison has threatened to sue a rival sex app after accusing it of copying its trademarks.

But what became of the marriages of the guilty parties, whose secret infidelity was suddenly not-so-secret at all?

One man who was exposed in the hacking has now spoken out about what happened to him in an article for the LA Times. He’d been married for 19 years, and although he’d been faithful to his wife the whole time, the excitement in their relationship had fizzled: “Call it a midlife crisis, poor judgment or a cheater’s heart. We had not taken a vacation without children in years.” Thomas retired from his corporate job early, bought a Harley Davidson and got a tattoo - so far, so midlife crisis.

The hack is the second high-profile attack on a no-strings-attached solicitation site this year.

In March, Adult Friend Finder was the victim of a massive data breach, with hackers publishing details of 4million subscribers.

Hackers who stole customer information from the site dumped 9.7 gigabytes of data to the dark web last week - fulfilling a threat to release sensitive information including account details, log-ins and card details Canadian widower Eliot Shore, who joined the site after his wife of 30 years died of cancer, is leading a £368million lawsuit against the company and demanding £4.8million in damages after his details were published on the internet.

The prosecutor, who gained national attention as a key player in the unsuccessful murder prosecution of Casey Anthony, said Sunday that he had committed no crime and never followed through with an affair on the cheating website.

San Antonio city officials say that as a result of this, they 'cannot confirm whether these (two) addresses were legitimately used to access the site', adding that Ashley Madison is blocked on City officials' computers.Adult sites - among the first Internet companies to accept credit-card payment - tend to have robust security to combat fraud.But their systems for securing non-financial client data are not as strong, cyber experts said.Whatever it was, I easily found fault in my marriage. But then he found Ashley Madison and was so enticed he signed up.Whether the timing was good or bad for Thomas is open to debate, as two weeks after joining the site, it was hacked.

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Hackers released a cache of data about 37million Ashley Madison members, some of whom were using email addresses of U. government officials, UK civil servants, and European and North American corporations.

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