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I, although I was never diagnosed as being crazy, I went crazy. I mean, one, I wanted to tell my story and get to a place where I could move on from the darkness in my life and find light and joy and peace and balance in the now. And of course, in the journey of writing a book, there are a million reasons why I realized I was writing it. You know, you say you're helping other people or you want to help other people and you honestly come to terms with the fact that you're only helping yourself, but at the same time, I wanted to talk about stuff that people don't talk about so that maybe they would talk about it. But sure, 31 years until I could say goodbye to it. I certainly know what's been written about me in the press. HECHE: I have in the past -- I have in the past understood that in being honest about certain things in my life, I've helped other people be honest, because they think that it's OK when somebody else admits what they've been doing. It certainly helps me when other people are honest about the journey in their life. KING: So when you write something like that, it's cathartic too. KING: Were there times you said, "maybe I shouldn't be doing this? Thank God I had the sanity going right along side the insanity. LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, she was half of the world's most famous lesbian couple ever. ANNE HECHE, ACTRESS: Well, thank you for that introduction. Anne Heche, tabloid target, survivor of unspeakable shame, and she says she's not crazy anymore. It's a great pleasure to welcome tonight a return visit. Anne Heche, the author of one of the most honest, extraordinary, outspoken autobiographies ever written by anyone in show business, titled "Call Me Crazy." It's gotten tremendous reviews. And there were some times when I relived things that I did not know I would be able to get out of if it weren't for Coley. But we couldn't have known then when Ellen's show was coming out. She knew I was writing this book, and she was very supportive of that. HECHE: I think that she would like that I told my story finally. KING: And even in therapy it didn't make you come out with it? KING: Did the therapists ever say, "It would be good to let this out to people? KING: We're going to cover a lot of bases with Anne Heche.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: We're back with Anne Heche. He said that he was involved in a business of gas and oil. But he never was involved in the business of gas and oil ever.

She received her first acting role after graduating high school in the soap opera Another World. She was then married to Coley Laffoon and they had one son together.

Following their divorce she began dating James Tupper and they later welcomed a son. She played Marin Frist in the TV drama Men in Trees from 2006 to 2008.

But like "Eli Stone" (and Harrison Ford's brain-injured character in "Regarding Henry"), she's a better person now.

When she's not suggesting that God might smite someone.

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