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It is an unusual pattern and has a 4 block formation inside a apx 6” square with triangular corners.We also have dungaree fabric (not the 19th century term) and some heavy linen fabrics used in the construction of this rare quilt.Amish & Mennonite antique quilts range from the very sophisticated to true folk art.The various, and divergent, communities that make up the Amish across America each have their own quilt characteristics among their many common attributes.Amish stumpwork quilts would be considered folk art as well.Quilt characteristics that may be particular to one group are discussed below the image of each quilt.They had already made the decision to go out and see the world, with or without us.They courageously allowed us to follow them on this journey.'Now the TLC site explains: 'Breaking Amish offers an unprecedented look into a rarely seen world, following four Amish people and one Mennonite as they forgo horses and buggies for New York City's taxis and subways' - taking out any reference to 'first time' in New York City.

BTG30 19th Century Amish Father's Quilt Pre-Civil War fabrics 63 x 75 inches Mifflin County, PA (Nebraska Amish Community) Call for Price An Amish Father’s quilt is basically unheard of.

There are different over dyed green calicos used for the blocks.

This gives us a wonderful study of these early calicos.

The fabrics are a combination of solids, stripes, circles and soft plaids in a variety of soft cottons - most with a beautiful soft sheen - with some fine wool challis pieces interspersed.

The resulting work of textile art is a beautiful mix of soft elegance and folk art warmth.

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There is a 3/8 inch separately applied binding executed half by hand.

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