After updating bios cmos checksum bad

There are a lot of different Q45 chipset boards, since Acer does not manufacture it's own components(like most OEM's) and there are not any support manuals listed on the site I have no way of knowing what board they used it that model.

Isn't it really something different ways to fix this on?

Since it's booting and allowing access to the bios reflashing using the dos method and a floppy drive may be the solution.

If not then either a bios chip replacement(if it is the socketed type) or a professional repair by flashing though the serial port for the soldered on type of bios chip).

then the normal error is coming :( I know the problem; i need to change the "halt on" to "no errors" from "Yes, all but keyboard" in Standard CMOS Features tab in bios..

but it doesnt save:( Halt on all errors not the answer, what's happened is a bad flash, the file was corrupt, not read completely or a Windows issue interrupted the flash process.

After I flashed BIOS with Win DPtool that was in the BIOS folder, I restarted the computer, then I got this error: CMOS Checksum bad - Press f1 to run setup.

It might have been possible to do some gymnastics with the BIOS or CMOS on the original motherboard to fix the problem, but after a full week of trying it was time to throw in the towel.

i got a floppy drive, but i dont got a floppy disk :o dunno how i can get it tho: P but, so what should I do?

If I call Acer, they want 5$ each minute I talk with them they will have money for doing this process..:( where can i buy bios chip?

I built my computer in 2009 with a 790FX-Gd70 board and 2x2GB sticks of G. Usually the first time booting it will get to that first windows screen and any time I boot afterwards without resetting CMOS, it won't post.

I've tried to add RAM several times over the last year or so from a variety of different manufacturers and its always the same problem.

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