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The object activates whenever 170 or more meters of yarn is placed into the sculpture's right hand. Agent ███████: Why did you do something to the statue? I thought this was about the dude freez- Agent ███████: Please answer the question, Mr.

SCP-1168 closes its right hand around the yarn, the yarn is annihilated by anomalous means, and the object enters a "pending" state. The ice surrounding SCP-1168-1 is impervious to any interference and melts at a rate of 176m L per day.

I didn't see the statue mo- I didn't see this statue move.

Jude Kriyot is now identified as Po I-6870; current evidence suggests Mr.

Kriyot was subject to further interrogation, which failed to garner any useful intelligence. Kriyot was administered a prophylactic Class-B amnestic to suppress any knowledge of SCP-1168, SCP-1800, and AWCY. Kriyot had knowledge of any further Groups of Interest at the time.

Closing Statement: Due to possible connections between Jude Kriyot and the group of interest AWCY, Mr.

They came from North Carolina, near the Virginia border, and put down roots on a hillside above a creek in what then was and still is the middle of nowhere.

Most of the direct descendants of the family are named for one of those eight brothers: William, Henry, John, Thomas, Jacob, Isaac, George, and, of course, Nicholas.

With wood from the sawmill and nails from the blacksmith, the Chubbs built the church, several cabins, and a lodge.“A regiment of the Union Army, walking a trail of conquest through Georgia in 1864, spared the folks of this hamlet from plunder, making sure no one seized their livestock and their chickens for booty,” an excerpt from a 1989 story in the reads.“The story is not apocryphal,” insists Kenneth Jones, a descendant of the family that settled Chubbtown.Via Dawg Nation: That’s the given name bestowed upon him from one of the eight original Chubb brothers who settled this area in the 1850s or ’60s, depending on which account one believes.What’s certain, and verifiable in historical documents, is John Henry Chubb founded this community along with his wife, eight sons, a daughter, and a small colony of free blacks sometime around the Civil War.

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