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Either way, your actions such as the opinion piece in the N. Times only serves to whip up FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) within the general populace by using scary language and innuendo about how the scary hackers out there are going to turn off their lights and water.

An example of this is the following quote from your piece: .

"I noticed that poor intelligence of 0x omar and his friends [sic]," he wrote on pastebin.com, the same site used by the Saudi hacker.

"State of Israel, not to worry, you're in the hands of the world's best hacker that I am [sic]," Hannibal reassured.

But if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares a cyber war, he's ready to publish the details of 10 million bank accounts, Hannibal wrote, adding that he also had information on 4 million Arab credit cards.

Hannibal claims to have 30 million e-mail addresses of Arabs, complete with passwords, and to have fielded e-mails not only from potential victims but from officials in France and other countries asking him to desist.

Without really understanding the problems, you will be just adding useless oversight to private corporations to whom security spending is already anathema.

But so far, Senator Lieberman, I have only seen gross generalities out of you and your peers in government about how dire things are and how scared we all should be.

So please surf on down to THIS HERE LINK and put in your All, As the New York Times deigned not to respond to my opinion piece I am posting the final draft here and linking to it from the NYT comment section of the opinion piece by Sen Lieberman. On October 17, the New York Times “Room for Debate” section ran a piece by Senator Joe Lieberman with the title “The Threat Is Real and Must Be Stopped” in which Lieberman argued the dire need for passage of his cyber security legislation . Lieberman makes assertions about the national security issues surrounding the existential threats to the nation stemming from computer hacking and how “easy” it is.

While I can agree with some of his commentary – such as the need to ensure the security of the nation’s critical infrastructure – I disagree greatly on his assessment of the gravity of the situation. Because I have actually been working in the computer and information security industries since the late 90s and have firsthand experience with the systems and networks that he’s going on about.

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To Senator Lieberman: the problems, sir, are far too complex for any bill such as Sarbanes-Oxley or yours to tackle.

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